Before Jogging

With the baby growing fast, bubbly and happy as ever, it was time for me to start thinking about getting my sexy back. I mean losing that baby belly. With the baby already six months old, there was no more need for waiting. I had done the same thing with my two older children. There was no reason why it was not going to work again. But when it comes to jogging with the baby, you have to remember many things. One of them is that the comfort of the baby is paramount. Once when I jogged with my son when he was three months old, he started crying. I came to know later that I had subjected him to some rough terrain without setting the stroller just right.


If you would like to lose some baby belly and attain your slim figure back, you have to find the right stroller for the job. Even after you get the best one, you need to prepare thoroughly for the job at hand. You just do not toss your baby in the stroller and go jogging. There’s much more to jogging than that.


Here are a few tips for you:


Buy the right stroller for jogging

Mom pushing baby's  stroller

Jogging strollers are sportier, bigger and more rugged. They have bigger wheels, both at the front and in the rear. Mostly the rear ones are 16 inches and the front one is 12 inches. The wheels are pneumatic, to absorb as much of the shock as possible. The front wheel is swivel, but it also locks into place when you need it to, when you are making a straight run on even terrain.


Wait for the baby to catch up first


In the rush to get your slim body back, you may take the bay out too early. Now, that is quite against sound advice. You should wait for the baby to grow a bit, at least have his or her neck stable before you take him out. Jogging when the baby’s neck is not stable enough could cause the neck to roll some from side to side, and that could easily hurt. If it means that you have to wait for more than six months, do it. Let the baby get ready for the jog.


Safety should always be the top priority for you and baby

Woman crossing the street

Safety for your baby is very important when jogging with the stroller. Thus, the first thing to do is to make sure that the stroller is in sound health. It is also important to have some reflective lines on the sides, the back and the front of the stroller so that you can be easily seen in low light conditions. Be extra keen when you are jogging on the road. It is also best to avoid jogging when there is a lot of traffic (both people and motor vehicles). Furthermore, always engage the handbrake when you stop, no matter how briefly.


Keep a keen eye on the weather


The last thing that you want, even when your jogging stroller has a full-size canopy is to be caught out in a drenching shower. That could cause some health issues for the baby. Thus, you want to jog when it is just right, when there is no rain and when the sun is not too hot. If you buy a jogging stroller with an umbrella, you can jog with your baby in light rain.


These are just a few of the things you should take care of before jogging with your baby. Always ensure safety for both you and baby.

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Say Good Bye Baby Belly

Having a baby is one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences that you can ever go through. The giggles and the star-struck eyes in your baby are just more than enough reward for all the effort. However, having a baby also means that you sacrifice some things, and a great looking Halle Berry-like body is one of the first things to go as the baby weight starts piling up on you.


This is what happened to me. At first, I thought the weight would go away on its own, but it did not. That is when I decided that I would do something about it. Breastfeeding makes you hungrier, you eat more and the weight builds up. At the same time, your hormones are still out of balance. All of these factors come together to pack some weight that you could do without.


With a belly that was threatening to bulge out of control, I went looking for information about how to get rid of a baby belly. Usually, my go-to site when I am looking for mummy stuff, you know, things like the best immersion blender reviews, is That is the same place that I found resources talking about how to say bye to baby belly.


However, even as I was looking for information, I knew that I would eventually use the same method that I used to lose baby belly with my two older children. I jogged my body to a lovely and slim size. But after this third kid, I was starting to think that I was too elderly to go jogging again with a stroller. However, I eventually decided that it would be the best way for me. It worked two times before and it would work again!


The main thing now is to get a good stroller. There are many strollers in the market but not all of them are good for running. Thus, you have to get one with features made for jogging. If you use a soft stroller that is made for walking alone, you could end up with a broken piece. Look specifically for strollers made for jogging.


Whether you are looking for a double or single stroller, look for the very best, something that can last a few babies or if you are done having little ones, a stroller that you can resell. With so many strollers in the market, it can be a bit daunting to find the very best one especially if it is your first time.


Here are two jogging strollers that you can buy with confidence:


Chicco Tre

Chicco Tre

This is a stroller made with all the needs of mama at heart. It is made with washable fabrics that do not retain stains and if they do, they are easy to clean. It has a big canopy that also has a mesh vent in the window to give your baby enough air when you are out jogging and strolling.


The child seat is also easy to remove and with the 12-inch front tire, 16-inch tires in the rear, there is good ground clearance with this stroller. The Flex Core suspension is adjustable so that you can choose the kind of stroller ride that you want, maybe a firm one when you are walking a bumpy road or a firm suspension for jogging with the baby.




Easy to store with simple foldable configurations

The fabrics are water resistant

Easy to keep clean by wiping

Adjustable suspension for different types of rides

Has an effective handbrake for parking




Fabrics should only be washed by hand

Chicco customer service could be better


Joovy Zoom 360

Joovy Zoom 360

This one is also called the 360 Ultralight. It is the perfect stroller for jogging with a kid and it will help you lose that baby belly soon. It has been reviewed as the best umbrella stroller for tall parents and it performs very well on all types of ground. The baby seat is set a bit higher than with other strollers. This is a good thing because babies are always curious and so the high riding position gives junior the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. With a 12-inch wheel for the front and 16-inch wheels for the rear, that is enough ground clearance for just about any terrain.




Quite light in weight

Packs into a compact stroller for storage

Oversize canopy offers good protection from the sun or rain

Has adapters for the car seat

Has a parent organizer for keeping your personal items

Meshed pockets for snacks and other things




Quite large, could be troublesome for small spaces

Takes some effort and time to fold

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Enhancing Imaginations

When a child is born, the mind is usually blank, fresh and ready for learning new things. As a mom of three, I have seen just how quickly children grasp things. They do not forget fast and they learn so easily as compared to older people. As I play with my children I try to incorporate some aspect of learning in all the games. Games are very important for kids, and no, not the video games and stuff, although even those help provoke interest in the STEM subjects. Games that involve the mind and subtly nudge the children to learn are paramount.


How to get children to learn through playing:


Let them choose their own games

Kids playing

That is right, let the children choose the kind of games they want to play. When they choose what they want to play, they seem to enjoy it more than when you force them to play a certain game. Just make sure that the games are going to get the children actively engaged and that they will have fun playing their roles. Children seem to lose interest fast and so you want to keep their attention glued to the game, by engaging them fully.


Encourage the children to ask questions


As they play and learn at the same time, encourage them to ask many questions. Then from the questions that they ask, you can include some form of playing activity in finding the answer to the questions that they have raised. Even in class, teachers can incorporate some form of playing into almost every kind of learning. You can also ask the children what they think the outcome will be as such questions encourage them to think harder and more broadly.


Encourage the children to share experiences

Mom reading with her kids

Storytelling and drama are some of the fun ways that you can get your children to learn. You can encourage the children to express themselves in some way when reading them a story.


One of the best ways to learn through stories is to get them to make the right animal noises whenever you mention a certain animal in the story. Storytelling games are not only a lot of fun, but they also enhance social esteem and confidence a great deal.


Do take care though to maintain the child’s comfort by encouraging him or her. At this juncture, it can be easy to break the confidence of the kids and that is something that you truly want to avoid.


Choose games that encourage imagination


Children have a wild imagination. This is a good thing because imagination helps children to start knowing the world around them. For example, they can turn on their imagination by role playing. When a child plays the role of a store manager, they learn from that. Another can also play the role of daddy, or mommy and so on. There is a learning opportunity for your children anywhere that you look around.


There is opportunity everywhere to express imagination. For example, when on the traffic, you could ask them to imagine what happens with the lights such that they turn amber, red, green and so on. You can also ask them to describe the things they can see around them.


These are just a few tips for enhancing imagination in kids. Others include buying them props like nurse costumes, creativity, reading, telling stories and making up things.

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